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Baru-baru ini, kota Kazan menyelenggarakan Festival Film Muslim Internasional ke-10. Festival tersebut ditujukan untuk menaikkan gengsi kota Kazan di mata dunia Islam.

Pada musim semi lalu, Kazan dinobatkan sebagai ibukota Utara Islam oleh para pemimpin agama Islam Republik Tatarstan. Baru-baru ini, kota tersebut menyelenggarakan Festival Film Muslim Internasional ke-10. Festival tersebut ditujukan untuk menaikkan gengsi kota Kazan di mata dunia Islam. Para peserta festival mengangkat tema terkait isu-isu agama dan sosial yang jarang dihadapi oleh para penduduk Tatarstan.

Ketua dewan juri festival Khojakuli Narliev mengatakan dalam pidato pembukaan forum film tersebut bahwa Kazan harus bisa menunjukkan pada seluruh dunia siapa orang muslim sebenarnya. Narliev merupakan seorang sutradara film, sekaligus penulis skenario dan sinematografer asal Turkmenistan yang pernah meraih penghargaan dari Uni Soviet.
Sebagian besar film yang mendapat penghargaan dalam festival film muslim bergengsi tersebut ternyata bukan hasil karya sinematografer asal Tatarstan, melainkan film karya sinematografer asal Eropa dan Rusia. Namun, ada film karya sutradara asal Tatarstan Salavat Yuzeyev berjudul Kurban-Roman yang berhasil meraih penghargaan Aktor Pria Terbaik. Penghargaan tesebut dianugerahkan pada sang pemeran utama pria Danil Shagapov.

Perhatian para tamu festival cukup tersita oleh film asal Jerman, Italia, Prancis, Turki, Irak, Belarusia, dan negara-negara Arab. Dalam film karya sutradara asal Jerman Daniela Dar Creutz yang berjudul Blissful Yearning, Creutz berusaha menunjukkan pandangan hidup orang Jerman melalui keseharian warga muslim dari Austria, yang hidup dalam keharmonisan bersama para tetangganya yang beragama Nasrani.

Sementara dalam film dokumenter yang berjudul Bastards, sinematografer perempuan asal Inggris Deborah Perkin menceritakan masalah yang dihadapi para perempuan di Maroko dalam mendidik anak di luar nikah mereka. Adapun film berjudul A Very Private Place karya sutradara asal Bahrain Jamal Al Ghailan bercerita tentang kehidupan seorang imigran perempuan asal India yang bekerja sebagai penjaga kebersihan toilet di sebuah pusat perbelanjaan ternama. Ghailan ingin menunjukkan seberapa besar ketidakacuhan para penduduk Bahrain terhadap kondisi kehidupan para tenaga kerja asing di negara Islam tersebut. Film ini berhasil menyabet penghargaan dari organisasi Russian Guild of Film Critics.

Para sutradara Rusia juga mengangkat masalah yang dihadapi oleh para imigran asing di negaranya. Dalam film She, Larisa Sadilova menunjukkan kehidupan kota Moskow yang modern dari sudut pandang seorang perempuan asal Tajikistan yang mencari kekasihnya, namun kekasihnya malah menolak menerimanya. Film yang lebih mengharukan ialah film Mirko Locatelli, Foreign Bodies, yang menceritakan kehidupan seorang pengungsi yang lari dari gerakan “Musim Semi Arab” (gelombang revolusi unjuk rasa dan protes di negara-negara Arab) menuju Italia.

Film asal Brasil buatan Marcio Curi, The Last Stop, menceritakan hubungan seorang pria beragama Islam dengan perempuan Nasrani bernama Sisa. Sang sutradara mengatakan ide film tersebut muncul ketika ia berkenalan dengan sebuah komunitas Lebanon di Brazil dan ia melihat karakter film masa depannya dalam diri masyarakat Lebanon tersebut.

Berdasarkan hasil pengamatan Marcio Curi, sebagian besar orang Lebanon pergi meninggalkan tanah air lalu memutuskan ikatan batin dengan tempat kelahirannya itu. Hanya segelintir orang yang masih memegang teguh kepercayaan mereka.

Film karya Curi tersebut berhasil menyabet penghargaan Skenario Film Terbaik dalam festival film ini. Sedangkan penghargaan utama diraih oleh film drama berjudul Halima’s Path karya sutradara Kroasia Arsen Anton Ostojich. Penghargaan Sutradara Terbaik jatuh pada sutradara asal Azerbaijan Oktay Mir-Gasim dengan filmnya To Die Avenged. The Letters from The Past, serta hasil karya sutradara asal Iran Salem Salavati The Last Winter.


Russia is the largest in the world and one can be sure that there are plenty places to visit in such a vast territory. Here we will introduce you with the most interesting places and routes in the European part of Russia

Day 1 - St. Petersburg - Arrival

After your overnight flight from home*, our journey begins when you arrive in St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport and meet your Tom Harper Destination Ambassador — one of our seasoned, savvy insiders who accompany each group and who are as fluent in English as they are passionate about sharing their knowledge of their native Russia.

Relax and enjoy the transfer to your hotel, the Novotel St. Petersburg Centre. This comfortable 4-star hotel boasts an excellent location, just one block from Nevsky Prospect, the lively heart of the city, full of restaurants, cafes, and shops. During our stay, be sure to get out and mingle — chances are you’ll meet with a fascinating mix of travelers from around the world as well as locals who are always happy to welcome Americans to their beautiful city.

At a welcome briefing with your Destination Ambassador, you’ll learn more about St. Petersburg and your upcoming journey and get your first Heads Up — a brief but thorough overview of the following day’s itinerary.

We’ve included dinner this evening so you can recharge and perhaps enjoy an evening stroll out to explore the neighborhood — share a nightcap with the locals or simply drink in the beauty of this most elegant of capitals, Peter the Great’s “Window on the West,” built to showcase the wealth and majesty of Russia.

Day 2 - St. Petersburg - City Tour &Peterhof Palace

See it all on a comfortable coach ride this morning. We’ll stop at the highlights, from NevskyProspekt to the St. Peter & Paul Fortress and more: • St. Basil's Island, home of the Old St. Petersburg Stock Exchange featuring the statue of Neptune and the Rostrum Columns • Palace Square and the Winter Palace, site of the Bloody Sunday of 1905 and the infamous October Revolution of 1917 • St. Isaac's Cathedral dedicated in 1818 to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia • Cathedral of Savior on the Spilled Blood, built by order of Alexander III on the site where Tzar Alexander II was murdered.

After lunch in a local restaurant, we head to Peterhof, Peter the Great’s “Versailles of Russia.” Spend the afternoon exploring the palaces and exquisite gardens, statues, and fountains — we guarantee this is one gilt trip you will never regret! Take in as much as you can — at the end of the day, we’ll drive you back for dinner at the hotel and an evening at leisure.

After your long day touring the key sights of St. Petersburg, relax this evening at dinner in the Novotel followed by a free evening to stroll NevskyProspekt or relax in the hotel bar.

Day 3 - St. Petersburg - The Hermiatge, Bolshevik's & Ballet

“Bolshoi” means “big,” and no museum on Earth is more bolshoi than this: The State Hermitage, founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, is home to more than 3 million works of art, including the largest collection of paintings in the world. From prehistoric art and Egyptian & Classical antiquities to great works of Russian and European masters, there are treasures here that could take you a lifetime to uncover — what epic moment will you take away during this morning’s visit?

After lunch in the city center, we will take a look at St. Petersburg’s more modern history, as Leningrad. Our Back to the USSR tour takes us to the place it all began, the infamous Kirov plant. It was here, in February of 1917, that worker strikes set in motion the chain of events which would lead to the February Revolution. We’ll see monuments to Kirov and Lenin in Kirov Square explore Sergei Kirov’s legacy with a visit to a workers’ quarters, school, and the Sergei Kirov Museum. An early leader of the Bolshevik party, Kirov rose to become mayor of St. Petersburg — and, later, it is believed, a victim of Stalin’s ruthless purges. Talk about epic irony.

Returning to the hotel, enjoy another Heads Up briefing before dinner. This evening, prepare for a night on the town to enjoy a performance of one of St. Petersburg’s cultural jewels, the famed Russian Ballet at the Alexandrinsky or the Hermitage Theater (depending on departure date).

Day 4 - St. Petersburg - Pushkin, Palaces & Parks

While our luggage is being transferred to the river cruise ship, we’ll head off this morning to explore the Pushkin area of St. Petersburg, named in honor of the Romantic writer Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, beloved as the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.

Originally constructed for Catherine 1 of Russia in 1717, the Catherine Palace was rebuilt in its current Rococo style by her daughter, Empress Elizabeth, in 1756. Elizabeth was the last royal to reside in the palace and it suffered near destruction during World War II by the Germans; today it has been largely restored to reflect its earlier grandeur, with gilded carvings, gold-covered chandeliers, and the awe-inspiring Amber Room, with its amber panels backed with intricately patterned gold leaf and mirrors — you’ll see why it’s been called the “Eighth Wonder of the World!”

Stroll through the surrounding Catherine Park to view the Grotto, Grand Pond, and the Hermitage Grove before journeying by coach to Pavlovsk and the Palace of Pavel (Paul) the First. Designed by Scottish-born Charles Cameron in 1782, the exterior of this imperial palace seems quite plain, but the deceptively bland facade gives way to a far more lavish interior — and there’s no denying the grandeur of the surrounding gardens: Pavlovsk Park is one of the largest landscaped gardens in the world!

We’ll enjoy a traditional Russian lunch in Pavlovsk Park at a local restaurant built in the rustic log-house style before taking a short coach ride to the MS Alexander Pushkin. You’ll have some time to check in and get settled before a presentation of the ship crew & staff during our Welcome Aboard cocktail party, followed by a Heads Up of the next day’s highlights and dinner in the restaurant. As we sail the Neva River for Mandrogi this evening, be sure to join your companions in the lounge for some Russian-style entertainment or on the sundeck to survey the landscape from this prime vantage point.

Day 5 - Mandrogi - Shish Kabobs &Matryoshka Dolls

In addition to breakfast, exercises, and a ship’s drill, don’t miss this morning’s ‘Presentation of Russian National Crafts.’ Here’s where you’ll learn more about the types of souvenirs you can expect to find on our visits and get the insider’s advice on where to get the best deals.

Our first stop is the village of VerkhnieMandrogi (“Upper Mandrogi”) on the Svir River, where we’ll enjoy an outdoor shashlik lunch – a traditional, Russian-style shish kebab.

Founded in the 18th century, Mandrogi was completely destroyed during World War II, but was rebuilt in 1996 to celebrate the traditions and crafts of Old Russia. In addition to featuring several masterpieces of wooden architecture, the village is a mecca for souvenir shopping and boasts the Vodka Museum, housing hundreds of variations of the favorite Russian drink. If you have time, enjoy an afternoon stroll through the village or along the banks of the river before we return Pushkin to continue our journey.

Back on board, it’s time for a language lesson and a Heads Up for our next day’s visit to Kizhi. Tonight enjoy a traditional Ukrainian dinner followed entertainment in the restaurant.

Day 6 - Kizhi - Amazing Grace

What is most amazing about Kizhi? The sheer size and beauty of the 22 domes of the Church of the Transfiguration? Or the fact that it was built without the use of a single nail?

As early as the 16th century, the Island of Kizhi was declared a pogost, or parish center, by the Russian Orthodox Church. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site also features the Chapels of Archangel Mikhail, the Assumption of Virgin Mary, and the Divine Savior, as well as the Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus, moved here from the Murom Monastery, on the lake’s eastern shore. Dating back to the 14th century, it is the oldest building in the collection of wooden architectural masterpieces and is believed, by the Russians, to have healing powers. Do you believe?

After exploring Kizhi, we’ll sail out of Lake Onega and south towards Goritsy. Enjoy lunch and a day full of activities for you Culture Vultures, including a tour of the ship’s Bridge with the Captain, a concert of classical music by the ship’s pianist, a Matryoshka doll-painting class, and a traditional Russian afternoon tea service. This evening enjoy a unique highlight of cruising on the Alexander Pushkin – a pirate-themed dinner and show. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it!

Day 7 - Goritsy Your Way

Today you have a chance to break away from the main tour to go Your Way with a smaller group of fellow enthusiasts. It’s your choice: head to the famous local monastery to view the architecture and icons of Russia’s storied past, or stay in town to see the highlights and enjoy a few encounters with the locals.

The Kirillo-Belozerskiy (or St. Cyril) Monastery was founded in 1397 by Reverend Kirill who, finding a peaceful location on the White Lake, established it as resting place to be closer to God. Since that time the monastery has been used as a place of refuge by many and even as a place of healing for Ivan the Terrible, who asked the monks to pray that he would be forgiven his bloody past. Your guided tour of this fortress, one of the largest and best-preserved medieval abbeys in Russia, includes the Assumption Cathedral and the museum of icons.

Alternatively, you can explore Goritsy on a walking tour of the village includes a visit to a local school, where you can see how rural education in Russia compares to the West, as well as a local home, where you’ll get a chance to meet and converse with residents who are just as interested in learning about us as we are curious about their daily lives. You’ll also visit the Resurrection Nunnery, built in 1554 by Princess Efrosiniya, the wife of one of the sons of Ivan the Terrible.

We all come back together at the Alexander Pushkin, Departing for Yaroslavl, learn some traditional Russian songs as we sample different types of vodka, then gather for a Heads Up on tomorrow’s port of call. Later this evening, enjoy a Russian folk concert and dancing in the lounge.

Day 8 - Yaroslavl Your Way

Join the Culture Vultures this morning at discussion of Russian history with our onboard lecturer and a lesson to add a few more words to your Russian repertoire. Later, we’ll disembark to explore Yaroslavl, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, set at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl Rivers.

See the 1,000-year old city of Yaroslavl Your Way with a choice of tours today: both options take you by comfortable coach to for a visit to Nicholas the Wonderworker Church, a stop at the Church of Elijah the Prophet, and a visit to a local Yaroslavl food market. In addition, each of the two groups will see a unique featured attraction: one group will visit the magnificent Savior-Transfiguration Monastery, the oldest structure in Yaroslavl, dating back to 1216, and the other group will visit the Yaroslavl Art Museum, set like a jewel in the 18th century former Governor’s mansion and sculpture garden. Choose wisely – but we assure you both options are beyond compare!

Return to the Alexander Pushkin in time for our Head's Up, dinner and evening entertainment.

Day 9 - Uglich Your Way

The quaint riverfront town of Uglich, first documented in 1148, has witnessed an often turbulent history. A favorite spot of Ivan the Terrible, his son Dmitry was murdered here in 1591 — the famous red church St. Dmitry on the Blood was built to honour his memory.

On a walking tour, enjoy the chance to shop with local vendors and savour the peaceful atmosphere. Then go Your Way and choose from either of two fascinating excursions focusing on Uglich’s past. Visit the Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood, on the tentative list for being included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A work of art in itself, this blue-domed, red-walled Orthodox cathedral is home to a wealth of original frescos and unique artefacts. Alternately, you can visit a former hydro-electric station, built by Gulag prisoners in the 1940’s, and today a museum of Soviet era industry.

After lunch we set sail for Moscow. Russian language and dance classes and a Heads Up on Moscow are followed by dinner and night time entertainment as we sail the Volga toward our final destination.

Day 10 - Moscow - Roundtable & Around the Town

Enjoy a morning at leisure as we sail past the towns and villages perched along the Volga River. Join our exclusive Tom Harper Roundtable, where you can join your Destination Ambassador, on board lecturers, and guides to share your epic Russian experiences.

Immediately after lunch you should hear the engines quiet as the Pushkin docks in Moscow. Disembark and board a comfortable coach for an afternoon city tour of Moscow, the huge and modern counterpoint to stately, classical St. Petersburg. Travel along the main artery, Leningradskaya Street, and down Tverskaya Street, also known as Gorky Street, a major city thoroughfare since the 12th century. See the Novodevichy Convent and the infamous KGB Building and route to Red Square and the world-famous GUM Department Store. Enjoy some time walking around Red Square before we conclude our tour with a visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world.
We’ll return to the ship this evening for dinner and a final night of shipboard entertainment.

Day 11 - Moscow Your Way & the Kremlin

Bid the MS Alexander Pushkin and her crew goodbye today. While our luggage is transferred to our Moscow hotel, we’ll set off to visit the most famous site in Moscow: the Kremlin. Our tour includes the Palace of Congresses, Senate Square with the Arsenal and Senate buildings, the Residence of the President of the Russian Federation, the Tsar Bell &Tsar Cannon, and Cathedral Square, where we will see the Assumption Cathedral, Archangel Cathedral and the Annunciation Cathedral, including a full tour of one of the cathedrals.

Lunch on a riverboat on the Moskva River is followed by an opportunity to experience Moscow Your Way: return to the Novodevichy Convent & Cemetery or visit the Tretyakov Gallery. The Novodevichy, or New Maiden Convent, is a beautiful cloister of the Russian Orthodox faith that was founded in 1524 by Grand Prince Vasili III. Originally a military fortress on the banks of the Moskva River, the convent has been transformed numerous times in Russian history, and its cemetery is the final resting place of many famous Russians, including Boris Yeltsin and Nikita Khrushchev. The Tretyakov Gallery is the foremost repository for fine Russian art in the world and includes masterpieces created over the past thousand years. Founded in 1892 with the personal collection of Russian merchant Pavel Tretyakov, the Gallery has since become a world-renowned museum housing 170,000 statues and works of art.
After a Heads Up briefing and dinner, we’ll set off on a Moscow by Night Tour, offering an unforgettable view of the city and its landmarks.

Day 12 - Moscow - A Pilgrimage & a Palace of Treasures

This morning we visit the former royal estate of Kolomenskoye. Overlooking the steep banks of the Moskva River, this treasure trove of Russian architecture includes one UNESCO World Heritage site, the breathtaking Ascension church, famed for its soaring “White Column,” as well as a fully recreated wooden palace and a collection of old wooden buildings and artifacts from around the USSR.

After lunch we return to the Kremlin to tour its greatest attraction: the Armory Chamber. In addition to ancient state and church regalia, the Armory houses the world’s largest collection of gold and silver art and relics by Russian artists as well as carriages, ceremonial weapons, and other items of historic significance.

A final Heads Up about tomorrow’s check-out and departure offers a final opportunity to ask questions and share memories of Authentic Russia. Dinner in the hotel will be followed by a Folk Kostroma Show performed by the Russian Ballet - a perfect ending to an epic experience.

Day 13 - Moscow - Departure

Say goodbye to Russia and your new-found friends after an early morning breakfast and departure for the International Airport and our flights back home — unless you’ve decided, wisely, to Linger Longer in the Golden Ring…

Matryoshkas come in all shapes, sizes, and numbers of pieces per set.  The most basic sets are 3-5 pieces with simple paintings.  Not only are they beautiful as decoration, but they are also a great tool for teaching educational concepts.  The ideas listed below are geared for toddlers to early grade school children.  You can take each idea and make it more challenging or provide more support (depending on what your child needs)  I have given you some examples on how to do this!  Because this toy is adaptable to teaching a variety of concepts, it is a great sibling learning activity.  All of these activities can also be done in the language of your choice - making it a great language learning experience too!

Matryoshkas come in all shapes, sizes, and numbers of pieces per set.  The most basic sets are 3-5 pieces with simple paintings.  Not only are they beautiful as decoration, but they are also a great tool for teaching educational concepts.  The ideas listed below are geared for toddlers to early grade school children.  You can take each idea and make it more challenging or provide more support (depending on what your child needs)  I have given you some examples on how to do this!  Because this toy is adaptable to teaching a variety of concepts, it is a great sibling learning activity.  All of these activities can also be done in the language of your choice - making it a great language learning experience too!

1. To start at the very basics, Matryoshkas are great for teaching NUMBER CONCEPTS and COUNTING.  Don't just have your children count each piece, give them the numbers too! You could mix a couple sets together to get into higher numbers for children who have already mastered numbers 1-5!  If you have a bunch of sets, like 3 sets of 5 piece Matryshkas, you could even use them for basic multiplication.  The possibilities are endless!

2. They are also great for letting kids practice their FINE MOTOR SKILLS.  Opening and closing these little sets takes coordination and hand muscles.  Some sets are easier than others, but with practice, both my 2 and 5 year old are able to open and close them independently.

3. Then there is the classic, ORDERING or SEQUENCING by size.  Encourage your kids to put them in order from big to small AND small to big.  If my 5 year old puts them in order from big to small, I may say, "Can you put them in order from smallest to biggest?"  I could also say, "How fast can you assemble the Matryoshkas and put them in order from smallest to biggest."  This way, she is given a 2 step direction, can practice her fine motor skills and ordering by size, while getting a challenge by racing the clock!

My 2 year old, on the other hand, needs more support with the ordering concept.  I have traced the bottoms of one Matryoshka set onto a piece of paper to provide him with a matching activity that will put the Matryoshkas in order.  I show him how to do it, do it with him, then let him do it on his own.  When he gets familiar, or comfortable with this task, I will remove the support and see if he can put them in order on his own.  *Remember each kid is different!

4.  Oh, but you cannot forget the power of VOCABULARY!  I am already starting to use these words with you, but kids do not always have the understanding of vocabulary.  It is important to use and explain the size words; small, medium, big, short, tall, smaller, smallest, bigger, biggest, tiny, tinier, tiniest and any other words you may want to use to describe size. (This vocabulary is in our K and first grade state math standards)

5.  When they have the concepts of ordering and the vocabulary mastered, you can start to COMPARE!  I may show them one Matryoshka and have them find another one that is smaller than the one in my hand. (or bigger) Then, have your child pick one and ask you to find one that is smaller or bigger.

6. Storytelling.  Now, this Matryoshka may lend perfectly to the retelling of the story of the "Golden Egg," In the story, the hen lays a golden egg.  The Grandma and Grandpa cannot break it.  A mouse comes along and breaks it with his tail and the Grandparents cry.  The hen tells them not to cry, she will lay another egg that is not golden!

Don't you fret if your Matryoshka doesn't have pictures for storytelling.  You and your kids could make up your own story using the Matryoshkas as the main characters.  Older children can write down these stories.  Maybe even take pictures of the Matryoshkas on an adventure and have them create their tale online.

7.  Last, but not least, I'd like to throw in a little GEOGRAPHY.  What?  With a Matryoshka?  Why yes, some, but not all Matroshkas will have writing on the bottom of the largest Matryoshka.  Often this will be the name of the artist who painted it and the city where it was made. Many I see will just have "Made in Russia" written on the bottom.  If you are lucky enough to have some writing on yours, break out the Atlas and find where it was made.  No writing?  Break it out anyways and show your kids where Russia is.  Many Matryoshkas are made in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  Can you find those on the map?

No Matryoshkas in your house? In our shop, you can buy it www.matryoshka.co.id


highland_russia Exhibition in City of Novokuznetsk, Siberia, Russia
The exhibition on Scottish culture has artwork by Scottish artists and a wall panel specially produced by Common Threads Sewing Group of Inverness.
a quilted panel handstiched by the common threads group from Inverness
(a quilted panel handstiched by the common threads group from Inverness. The Common Threads group is a multicultural group based in the town made up of women from many cultures. In the glass case below the panel shows work from artists Vicky Stonebridge,Gwen Black and Jude Walton.)

Our charity also ran an art competion of Scottish-Russian connections. Around 100 children took part in our competition in Novokuznetsk and we presented the winners with the charity's diplomas and presents and also with souvenirs provided by the Scottish Government.

one of the winning posters designed by a child in Novokuznetsk.
(One of the winning posters designed by a child of Novokuznetsk)

We are grateful for the in-kind support from the Scottish Government (Fergus Ewing MSP), "Famous Grouse", Celtic Football Club, Rangers Football Club, Vicky Stonebridge (Artist - www.balnacra.com).
The main exhibits are 30 Matryoshka dolls, painted by 17 artists of different nationalities in Scotland during the 2007 Year of Highland Culture. Some of the artists are very well established in their profession and have already exhibited internationally. Most of these artists usually paint with oils but, as they had less than two weeks to complete this work, they had to use acrylic. It was a real challenge for the artists to paint these dolls.

The artists who participated are: John Byrne, Eugenia Vronskaya, Barbara Robertson, Chris Callum, Donna McGlynn, Helene Bost, Gwen Black, Avril Marr, Faye Cameron, Erika Adomaitiene, Frances Wilson, Anne Ross, Martin Reid, Helen Paterson, Svetlana Drown, Heather Wallace, Sheila Livingston.
The project was organised by the Chairperson of the Highland-Russia Connection Charity, Elena Reid (who is from Siberia), and was supported by Highland 2007.

Matryoshka dolls painted especially for the exhibition by Vicky Stonebridge Elena Reid with Artwork created for the exhibition by Vicky Stonebridge

( artwork and Matryoshka dolls painted especially for the exhibition by Vicky Stonebridge )

Robbie Burns in a Soviet style by Martin Reid and below by Robert Ross from Dingwall of Kiltearn churchyard in Easter Ross.

(Robbie Burns in a Soviet style by Martin Reid and below a picture by Robert Ross from Dingwall of Kiltearn churchyard in Easter Ross. )


Dear Friends! We would like to present our new Catalogue with lovely Matryoshkas from 2014 collection!

Our new catalogue 2014, check it out! Find a lovely Matryoshka for yourself and your friends!

Matryoshka is the best wedding or anniversary present, and the reason is that Russian Nesting dolls are the symbol of family, unity, love and loyalty.

Find our catalogue by following the link below...

Dengan ini, kami, tim Matryoshka Indonesia, ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-69 untuk seluruh bangsa Indonesia! Sekali Merdeka tetap Merdeka!!

Matryoshka 2014

Our new catalogue 2014, check it out! Find a lovely Matryoshka for yourself and your friends!
Matryoshka is the best wedding or anniversary present, and the reason is that Russian Nesting dolls are the symbol of family, unity, love and loyalty.

Paint the Matryoshka contest awards!

Dear Friends! Our “Paint the Matryoshka” contest has finished and we need your votes to select the winner!

As you know, we have had a contest "Paint Matryoshka". So,we finished this contest and need your help to select the winners awards. Please give your "like" to the Matryoshka that you really like and the winner will acquire the real model of that Matryoshka! We need and are awaiting your votes!

You can vote on our official facebook page:

We also would like to remind you that the distribution of prizes will be held on the 20th of August.

Nominations and prizes:

- The most original Matryoshka

- The most traditional Matryoshka

- Audience award

You can invite your friends to like photos in Facebook: we will determine the winner with the largest amount of likes given!

Do not hesitate and make sure to take part in our competition and bring back home our lovely prizes.

Only 9 days more

Dont miss your chance! You still have 9 days! Now everyone has an opportunity to win a unique doll, brought directly from Moscow! The doll that becomes a symbol of family, love and unity is waiting for you in our shops: Kota Kasablanka Mall, Gandaria City Mall, Beachwalk Bali Shopping Center.

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